Statys® Test System Software

The Statys® test system control and data acquisition software platform enables complete system control and comprehensive data acquisition to facilitate detailed control of BDC’s test system while maximizing transparency and data logging of the test article’s response. Statys software provides an intuitive and easy to use interface to facilitate a short learning-curve to master BDC’s test systems. Different version of the Statys software were specifically designed for each model of BDC’s testing equipment to meet the unique applications and functions of the equipment and to provide for optimize functions of the system control and data acquisition system software.

Statys software provides several key functions:
Statys Software

  • Intuitive user Interface
  • PID Closed Loop Control
  • User Programmable Testing Inputs
  • System Safeguards and Alarms
  • Continuous Real Time Data Acquisition, Monitoring, and Storage
  • Real Time and Historical Data Presentation in Graphical and Chart Form
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Testing Equipment

PQT | Heart Valve Production System

The PQT-5000 is the first pulsatile flow heart valve functional performance test system designed specifically for the production environment. Read more »

VDT | Heart Valve Durability System

Industry has spoken to describe the ideal heart valve accelerated wear test system for modern technologies and BDC Laboratories has listened and created the patented VDT-3600i AWT tester. Read more »

RWT | Heart Valve Real-Time Wear System

BDC Laboratories’ RWT-4600i heart valve real-time wear tester operates both as a real-time wear test system and accelerated wear test system.
Read more »

HDTi | Heart Valve Pulse Duplicator System

In a revolutionary fashion, BDC’s HDTi-6000 heart valve pulse duplicator achieves ISO 5840 performance assessment in a focused and efficient manner with added capability of integrated high speed video. Read more »

SFT | Heart Valve Steady Flow System

The SFT-1000 heart valve steady flow hydrodynamic test system is another revolutionary test instrument from BDC Laboratories. Read more »

RDTL | Stent Durability System

BDC Labs RDTL-0200 radial durability tester incorporates our patented Drive System and Dual-Drive Emulator for superior test stability and performance. Read more »

PD | Pulsatile Pump Systems

From our extensive background in cardiovascular hemodynamics, BDC developed the PD-1100, PD-0750 and PD-0500 pulsatile pumps and portable pulse duplicators to meet testing and surgeon training requirements for endovascular and heart valve technologies. Read more »

Simulated Use Test Systems

BDC Laboratories designs and builds custom “turn-key” simulated use systems that include clinically relevant vascular pathways while accurately achieving the appropriate hemodynamics within the model. Read more »