Statys® GOA Heart Valve Analysis Software

In performance testing of prosthetic heart valves, measurement of Geometric Orifice Area (GOA) is an advantageous tool for characterizing leaflet kinematics in both hydrodynamic and accelerated wear testing. BDC Laboratories’ Statys® GOA software takes this technically challenging analysis and packages it in a robust, easy-to-use and fully validated software platform. Statys® GOA imports both high-speed video and static image files of the heart valve test sample, facilitates calibration of the image(s), automatically analyzes all video frames / images, overlays the identified boundary on all frames / images, and determines the GOA for all frames / images. With this software, quantitative comparison of heart valve leaflet geometric orifice area between pulsatile and accelerated wear testing can be performed efficiently and accurately.

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use software interface
  • Integrated image calibration tools
  • Automated leaflet tracking throughout cardiac cycle
  • Multiple algorithms available to tailor analysis for image quality
  • Adjustable masking for fine tuning of GOA determination
  • Maximum GOA identified and reported for each cycle, facilitating statistical analyses
  • Direct comparison to a user-defined reference GOA for rapid conclusions
  • Automated report generation for archiving of analysis and results