Client Testimonials

BDC Laboratories holds customer service in the highest regard. Regardless of which division (testing services, test equipment, silicone mock vessels / anatomical models, simulated use systems) our team will go above and beyond the expectations of our clients to ensure the highest level of service and accuracy of data. Based on this philosophy, we establish mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships with all of our clients while providing uncompromising service time and time again.

It was amazing to get to work with a responsive and intelligent vendor that can understand the specifications that we needed for this project. We took on a very technically difficult project without much room for error, and BDC put in all the extra effort necessary to delivery on our end project. Despite our tight timeline, BDC maintained a high standard of quality despite heavy pressures to release something quickly, and ultimately we got a better end result because of that attitude.

Edwards Lifesciences

Biomedical Device and Consultants & Laboratories will spend extra time to get you exactly what you need, at the best price. Questions that other companies will not be able to answer will be answered by Biomedical Device Consultants & Laboratories. From our experience, don’t spend extra time getting quotes from other companies, trying to find the best specs and material properties. Biomedical Device Consultants & Laboratories is the best place to meet your timelines.

Medtronic (Endovascular Division), Inc.

BDC is a great, reliable contract laboratory. They exhibited great technical proficiency and tailored the test protocols to our specific samples. The customer service was exceptional as well. They worked with us to accommodate our timelines despite receiving a portion of the test samples last minute.

Medtronic (Cardiac Division), Inc.

BDC has established itself as a critical resource to our development program by providing attentive customer service, extensive subject matter expertise in multiple pre-clinicial testing disciplines, and timely, cost-effective solutions. They’ve done an excellent job to develop custom test methods and fixtures and successfully execute testing of our novel device. Craig and team have become valuable partners to our Company and we look forward to challenging them with additional development and testing needs – we know they will deliver great results for us.

CereVasc, Inc.

BDC Laboratories most significant strength is their knowledge of medical device testing. Since they use the testing equipment and mock vessels they market, they understand the capabilities and limitations of their product. BDC Laboratories cares about their customers and we order with confidence knowing they will meet our most important deadlines. BDC Laboratories understands the current regulatory environment of the medical device industry and actively participates in ISO and ASTM standards development. This means the testing they provide is more likely to meet dynamic regulatory requirements.

Cook / Med Institute, Inc.

Working with BDC Labs has been a real pleasure – they have supported our activities with excellence for the past three years. Whether it involved long-term hydrodynamic testing with minimal oversight on our part, or supporting valve design iterations in a pulse tank and hands-on collaboration, BDC Labs did not disappoint. BDC Labs has somehow managed to integrate the rigor of regulatory compliance with the flexibility of being responsive to client needs. These are often at odds with each other, but BDC Labs has managed to succeed where so many others have failed. We are really fortunate to have BDC Labs here in the Denver area.

ValveXchange, Inc.

Using a mix of their tried-and-true systems and new electromechanical components, BDC produced test equipment that precisely met our needs. In addition to being on scope and schedule, I was impressed by the thought that Ben McCloskey put into the GUI and overall usability of the system. He and Craig were a pleasure to work with.

The Foundry

BDC Labs is a knowledgeable and experienced team in testing medical devices. Our collaboration on equipment design and testing for simulated clinical use and device durability has been valuable in the development of the Nellix platform.

Nellix Endovascular, Inc.

The customer service and technical expertise provided by BDC Laboratories is evident from initial quote to final report. Their competitive pricing and efficient testing have helped us stay on budget and meet aggressive timelines. From personal experience, BDC Labs is a valuable resource for med tech startups.

CeloNova BioSciences, Inc.

BDC was instrumental in helping us navigate through this shifting regulatory climate. They have a great deal of cardiovascular experience and maintained a healthy relationship between their invention, test discipline and technical writing balanced with our strategic direction. They are easy to talk to, available and most importantly, apply appropriate perspective to our development challenges. We look forward to working with BDC as we move on to our next development chapter.

Cardiosolutions, Inc.

Working with the BDC Laboratories team is always a great experience. BDC’s level of expertise and knowledge in the areas stent graft testing and hemodynamics are truly invaluable. Their range of capabilities from mock vessels, testing services and equipment design makes them a full service vendor that makes for seamless execution. BDC Laboratories capabilities and expertise has allowed me to accelerate my project and gain a greater understanding of our product.

Intersect Partners, LLC

Our new cardiac device “BACE” was unique in design and we were looking for ways to set up a fatigue test that meets the FDA requirement. When we approached BDC labs, both Craig and Steve got up to speed very quickly, developed the test protocol in a timely manner and shared their insights and knowledge to help us address the issues raised by the FDA while reviewing the test protocol. Time and again, BDC labs proved their knowledge of the cardiac space and their expertise in designing and executing the fatigue test protocols. I would highly recommend Craig and Steve for a well-designed and executed fatigue testing. You can’t go wrong with BDC labs.

Mardil, Inc.

We have used BDC testing services, purchased their test equipment and their silicone mock vessels, all of which have met or exceeded our expectations, been cost effective and delivered in a very timely manner. BDC’s knowledgebase surrounding the medical device development and regulatory environment is excellent. The BDC team has been responsive and very supportive of our needs allowing us to develop a very productive relationship with the team and we plan to continue to use their well-tuned services and products.

BiO2 Medical, Inc.

BDC’s expertise with hemodynamics is a great asset to our catheter development efforts. Furthermore, their desire and ability to help troubleshoot issues ensures they are not just another contract lab that performs testing and returns reports; instead, BDC is a true partner with our R&D team.

Arrow International / Teleflex Medical

InnerPulse is a small company engaged in the development of a cardiac rhythm management device implanted in the thoracic cavity. The novel design and implant location of the device meant that standard reliability testing equipment was not applicable. Custom equipment designed from scratch would be required. Working with BDC, we were able to quickly build a test fixture that simulates the thoracic cavity. Our collaboration with BDC was productive from the start. BDC was clearly well versed in the mechanical and electrical design of custom testing equipment, the construction of mock vessels, and the human anatomy relevant to our project.

Inner Pulse, Inc.

BDC Labs has been a great resource to us over the past 18 months in our catheter development program. Craig and the entire team at BDC has a wealth of experience that we were able to leverage to expedite our project. Being a small organization with limited resources, and given that our core expertise is in chemistry and surface modification technology, we were able to utilize BDC in performing a number of physical tests that otherwise would have required investment in additional equipment and personnel to complete. Test methods and reports are logical and well written. They are knowledgeable, responsive to timeline pressures, technically competent and an excellent thought partner in problem solving. We look forward to continuing to work with BDC Labs in current and future projects.

Semprus BioSciences

We recently purchased the LDT-1500 linear fatigue test machine from BDC Labs. Both the machine and the level of technical support were excellent. With a shorter lead time and a price that was a fraction of the cost of competitive machines from other vendors, we remain very pleased with our purchase.

DC Devices

I have read through the reports and the results are quite detailed and useful and the test planning was thorough and the test results met the requirements needed for submissions to regulatory bodies. I have great confidence in both the process and the deliverables.

Koven Technologies

I have had multiple experiences working with BDC Labs on new catheter indication testing, and support was provided throughout the entire process. Technical support was given in designing the appropriate method, critical timeline needs were promptly met when required and data analysis discussion were available upon testing completion. I would highly recommend BDC Labs to companies requiring assistance in technical testing outside of the scope of their current capabilities.”
“The services are professional and the data is reliable. The reports generated were easy to understand and are defendable to regulatory authorities. Craig was a pleasure to work with, he did everything he said he would do and met all of our stringent deadlines.

Angiodynamics, Inc.