PD-0250 Portable Oscillating Pump System

BDC Laboratories’ PD-0250 portable oscillating fluid pump / pulse duplicator provides a compact, purely oscillating flow source for applications requiring a dynamic flow environment. When coupled with valved technologies, the PD-0250 is a reliable driver that facilitates highly repeatable opening and closing dynamics of test articles. The PD-0250 utilizes a diaphragm-based drive mechanism that results in very low maintenance and highly reliability. Applications for this fluid oscillating pump include: physician training systems, production qualification systems and sales demonstration models.

Specifications & Benefits

  • Fluid oscillation pumping applications
  • Setup and ready for operation in minutes, with minimal training required, the PD-0250 is very well suited for marketing & sales applications, as well as physician training.
  • Driven with diaphragm technology, the system operates with low maintenance and high reliability
  • Compact and at a light weight, the system is well suited for applications that require mobility
  • Transportation can be accomplished either as checked as luggage for airline travel or shipped in a custom hard-shell case
  • Frequency:60 to 90 bpm
  • Test Fluid: Water, Saline, PBS Solution
  • Stroke Volume:30 to 59 ml
  • Max Pressure: 300 mm Hg
  • Regulatory Compliance: Complies with all applicable European Union directives and standards for safety and EMC. CE Marked; RoHS Compliant.


  • Flow Rate Adjustment:
      The Flow Rate Adjustment features a drive head with three selectable user-defined flow rate slots (e.g. 2, 3 and 5 L/min) allowing you to choose the flow rate you need for your mock circulatory loop.
  • Shipping Case:
      The Shipping Case for the PD-0250 is a customized, rugged container with a fully padded foam interior that is watertight, crushproof and dustproof. It features an extendable handle and four wheels and can be checked as airline luggage with little risk of damage to its contents.
  • Statys® Portable Pressure Monitoring System:
      BDC Laboratories’ pulse duplicators can be interfaced with our Statys Pressure Monitor software, featuring pressure monitoring and data logging, data acquisition hardware and up to four pressure transducers.