Left Atrial Appendage & Septal Crossing Simulation Solutions

The customizable transcatheter left atrial appendage (LAA) and septal crossing simulated use solutions from BDC Laboratories provide a turnkey platform to evaluate both LAA devices, as well as technologies design for septal crossing from the right to left atria.

The LAA & septal crossing simulation solution consists of the right atrium, left atrium with replaceable atrial appendage, replaceable & puncturable atria septum, inferior vena cava and the femoral veins. The model facilitates transcatheter delivery system access at the femoral veins. Additional, custom access approaches such as jugular or subclavian routes can also be integrated into the simulated use system.

Features and Benefits

  • Clinically relevant bench model for development activities, education and physician training
  • Clear heart model & clear, compliant silicone vasculature allows visibility of the delivery system and implant
  • Replaceable left atrial appendage facilitates evaluation of implant’s under various shaped and sized appendages
  • Replaceable & puncturable septal wall presents a repeatable in situ experience with every septal crossing
  • System can be utilized either dry or immersed into a temperature controlled fluid bath
  • Silicone vasculature supports ensures the anatomical model retains its 3D configuration during procedures
  • Portable, with optional rugged, hard-sided travel case for air-travel