TCU-1 Heated Circulator Bath

BDC Laboratories’ TCU-1 heated circulator bath creates stable and reliable thermal control for any fluid test environment. This fully saline compatible system has the unique ability to monitor and control to either the fluid temperature within its bath or a remotely measured temperature in the associated test chamber. Design for continual operation and heating of an adjacent fluid filled test chamber through an integrated circulation pump, the TCU-1 heated circulator bath can be utilized for to numerous applications that require reliable and tight thermal stability. Common applications for this system include: fluid baths for fatigue test systems, heat exchangers for bioreactors and controlling fluid temperature in simulated use systems and universal tester fluid baths.

Specifications & Benefits

  • Fully saline compatible heated circulation bath for numerous applications
  • Setup and ready for operation in minutes, with minimal training required
  • As a completely sealed system, the TCU-1 can be located below, inline with or above the test chamber
  • An integrated pump provides for reliable circulation from the heated reservoir to the test chamber without interruption during continual operation over months at a time
  • Multiple safety features prevent the bath from exceeding the desired operating temperature through self-monitoring
  • Temperature: Room to 50 C
  • Reservoir Volume: 1.7 L
  • Max Flow Rate: 11.3 L/min
  • Test Fluid: Water, Saline, PBS Solution, Blood Analog
  • Regulatory Compliance: Complies with all applicable European Union directives and standards for safety and EMC. CE Marked; RoHS Compliant.


  • Remote Temperature Probe:
      The remote temperature probe facilitates temperature measurement and the TCU-1’s control to the associated test chamber fluid temperature. With this additional element, one does not need to adjust the bath temperature for thermal losses that may occur throughout the fluid circulation path.