About BDC Laboratories

Who we are and how we got here

Medical device development is complex, and the testing process is similarly intricate. Keeping strict quality standards in mind, BDC Laboratories partners with R&D engineering teams to establish a flexible path to reliable, timely testing for medical implants and their delivery systems. Supporting clients through the entire development cycle, we design and develop precise silicone vessels for simulation and training when it’s time to go to market.

We’re a team of technical experts that’s energized by the goal of helping our partners develop medical devices that improve healthcare outcomes for patients all over the world. Known for our extensive experience in cardiovascular and endovascular device evaluation, we work with engineering teams to test medical device designs through testing services and fully delivered test systems. We are also active participants in the AAMI, ISO, and ASTM International’s Endovascular Device and Stent Standards committees, providing technical expertise to support the ongoing improvement of medical device quality and effectiveness. 


We dedicate time to discussing the nuances of your medical device and its application, design, and technical requirements.


Our technical experts ideate on the most effective and efficient way to test or simulate your device.


We present our plan to ensure we’re aligned before moving forward.


The team gets to work, maintaining our rigorous quality standards and updating you along the way.


We share our validated final test results, system, or simulation, and make sure you have what you need to keep moving forward.

Stefan Stemmer

President & CEO

With decades of experience in the global medical device, scientific instrument, automation, and fluoropolymer industries, Stemmer leads BDC Laboratories with a steady and experienced hand. He’s committed to fostering results-focused, high-performing global teams, but on the weekends, you’ll find him taking a break to hike or bike the Rocky Mountains with his wife.

Craig Weinberg

Craig Weinberg, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Choules

Brian Choules, Ph.D.

Vice President of Technology

Ben McCloskey

Ben McCloskey

Director of R&D

Devin McBlair

Devin McBlair

Director of Quality Assurance

Bill Carlson

Bill Carlson

Director of Sales and Marketing

Beth Brown

Beth Brown

Products Evaluations Manager

Nick Flannery

Nick Flannery

Principal R&D Engineer

Jeff Olson

Jeff Olson

Corporate Controller

Erin Walters

Erin Walters

Human Resources Specialist

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of our projects are custom or adapted to meet client device specifications

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