Physician Training Suites

BDC Laboratories’ simulation suites are custom designed to each client’s specific requirements and evaluation needs for a number of applications. These highly sophisticated simulated use solutions provide the ultimate in physician training, as well as a comprehensive development platform for design verification testing, yielding a superior result for all objectives at-hand. These turnkey custom simulated use systems present a complete simulated clinical environment by approximating physiological pressure and flow conditions, along with temperature in a representative silicone arterial and/or venous vasculature.

BDC Laboratories has designed simulation suites for:
  • Transcatheter heart valve implants
  • Coronary stents and PTCA catheters
  • Venous stents and vena cava filters
  • Thermodilution catheters
  • Cardiac bypass technologies

The development a custom simulation suite begin with a submitted requirements document to BDC Laboratories; whereby, all performance, usability and operator experience objectives are presented. The BDC team then works to augment the requirements document by further integrating considerations from our extensive experience in designing and building these high fidelity systems that are aligned with the end-use objects. Therefore, the final delivered turnkey simulated use system fully aligns with each client’s needs while exceeding their expectations in nearly everyway.

BDC’s fully programmable PD-1100 Pulsatile Pump system is at the core of these simulated use suites and features: a pulsatile pump, control module, data acquisition system and Statys PD™ control & monitoring software. The key benefits of our PD-1100 Pulsatile Pump driving this simulation solution are:

  • Fully programmable in all parameters
  • Precise digital platform provides high repeatability and reproducibility
  • Full user control of excitation waveform to accurately mimic system pressure and flow waveforms
  • The ability to isolate the pump driving fluid from test fluid
  • Self-priming with pulsatile pump head options for minimal setup time

Features and Benefits

  • Simulation suites can be designed for a range of structural heart and endovascular applications, including:
    • Aortic Heart Valves, Mitral Heart Valves, Pulmonary Heart Valves, and Tricuspid Heart Valves
    • Total Artificial Hearts and Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs)
    • Endovascular devices (e.g. stents, stent grafts, vena cava filters, PTCA catheters)
  • Clinically relevant, high fidelity bench model for development activities, education and physician training
  • Designed, developed and manufactured to your unique specifications assures a perfect fit for use upon delivery
  • Imagination is the only limitation with fully integrated features available such as pulsatile flow, dynamic force measurements, high-speed imaging, fully autonomous system operation, pressure and flow temporal measurement and fully integrated software for the suite’s operation and measurements
  • Clear, compliant silicone vasculature allows for visibility of the delivery system and implant throughout use
  • Integrated hemostatic valves accommodate delivery system entry via any access
  • Silicone vasculature supports ensures the anatomical model retains its 3D configuration during procedures