Quality & Product Certification

At BDC Laboratories, we don’t ‘test’ for quality, we build quality into every silicone mock artery and anatomical model. Our silicone manufacturing team utilizes fully defined work instructions for the various operations, yielding a highly controlled build process. Moreover, through our precise manufacturing environment, BDC’s clients appreciate superior repeatability when ordering multiple vessels and reproducibility when re-ordering products at a future date.

When your silicone vessels and anatomical models require an additional level of quality and control, such as when manufacturing vessels for durability testing and design verification bench testing that require a specific dynamic radial compliance, BDC can measure the vessel’s attribute(s) and provide a Certification of Compliance. For silicone vessels with bifurcations or collateral vessels, measurement of the dynamic compliance of the body and branch vessels can be performed. In addition to the mock vessel diametric compliance, the inner diameter at any associated pressure can also be measured and certified to meet the model requirements. BDC’s dynamic compliance testing is performed on our validated laser micrometer-based test system utilizing ISO 7198, 25539 and ASTM 2477 standards for guidance on conversion from outer diameter to inner diameter based measurements. When multiple vessels are ordered, the BDC team will test every one to assure each meet the required specifications through a 100% inspection process.