SFT-1000 Heart Valve Steady Flow System

The SFT-1000 heart valve steady flow hydrodynamic test system is another revolutionary test instrument from BDC Laboratories. The SFT-1000 achieves all ISO 5840 outlined test conditions for both forward flow pressure drop and back flow leakage assessment in a streamlined and extremely efficient manner. The SFT-1000 is available either in a manual configuration or as a fully automated apparatus. When fully automated, testing of a heart valve to all forward flow and back flow conditions takes only minutes.

The accompanying Statys® SFT control and monitoring software provides a comprehensive interface to program all the specific forward flow and back pressure test conditions. With high fidelity closed-loop pump control, the SFT-1000 steady flow test system then will automatically execute each condition and automatically cycle through all until the heart valve prosthesis evaluation is complete. An automated pdf-format report is generated upon completion of a test to provide clear and error-free documented results.

  • Evaluate both forward flow pressure drop and back flow leakage without removing the heart valve
  • Test Article Rapid Exchange:
    • Facilitates quick exchange of test samples and ease-of-use
    • Test fluid is maintained within the test system and circulated to maintain temperature
  • Heart Valve Type: Aortic, Mitral, Pulmonary, or Tricuspid
  • Flow Rate: 0-35 L/min
  • Back Pressure: 10-300 mm Hg
  • Test Fluid: Saline, PBS Solution
  • Temperature: up to 50 °C
  • Inflow/Outflow Tube Diameter: 35mm (standard) and Custom sizes available
  • Regulatory Compliance: Complies with ISO 5840, and all applicable European Union directives and standards for safety and EMC. CE Marked.
  • Individual user defined test parameters for both forward flow and back flow leakage
  • Real-time presentation of results (pressure drop & EOA / back flow leakage rate) for each test condition
  • Auto-generated reports with all relevant data for efficient documentation of each test
  • User-focused software environment to facilitate ease of system operation
  • Automated Configuration: The fully automated system configuration will run all forward flow and back flow pre-defined conditions without the need for operator interaction.
  • ISO 5840 Standard Nozzles: ISO 5840 standard forward flow and back flow nozzles manufactured from stainless steel, provided with Certificate of Conformance.
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