Descending Aorta with Iliac and Renal Vessels

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Descending aorta with renal arteries and iliac vessels consistent with the geometry of healthy vasculature. This silicone descending aorta model is suitable for development, testing, marketing and physician training purposes for devices that utilize femoral access for advancement into the descending aorta or contralateral to adjacent iliac artery for therapy, as well as renal artery stenting and other renal therapies. Upon request, the BDC team can integrate a tortuosity or calcification into this vasculature at any location.

To achieve a clinically relevant experience with advancement and retraction, eliminating the inherent tackiness of silicone vasculature, BDC can apply our SLICTM friction reduction coating to all of our anatomical models. Read More

As with all BDC Laboratories silicone vasculature, the model can be delivered with one of three housing options: a simple acrylic sheet with silicone tie-downs, an acrylic drip tray with vessel supports to maintain 3D geometry during use, or an acrylic tank with through-wall fittings and appropriate vessel supports. Furthermore, BDC’s housing solutions include integrated hemostatic valves for seamless introduction of guidewires, catheters and delivery systems when the model is used under fluid pressure or pulsatile flow.