Mock Vessel Models

BDC manufactures silicone mock vessels in nearly any configuration and below is an abbreviated list of our most common models. In addition to these items, our team can provide models with simulated vascular diseases integrated within the wall as well as include flanges and imbedded rigid rings at the model’s ends for mounting into a larger test apparatus.

Silicone Mock Anatomy capabilities include:

  • Diameters from 1.5mm to exceeding 50mm
  • Straights, Bifurcations, & Trifurcations
  • Aortic Arches with Branch Vessels
  • Silicone Heart Valves
  • Atriums & Ventricles
  • Coronary “U” Vessels

When ordering mock vessels, our models are built custom to your specifications and requirements; therefore, please note the following details for consideration in advance of an order: model geometry, target inner diameter and associated pressure, target diametric compliance and associated conditions or target wall thickness.

Simulated Use Anatomical Solutions

Silicone anatomical solutions from CAD models or patient-based anatomy for simulated use testing of heart valves or endovascular stents/stent grafts are a specialty of BDC Laboratories. Anatomical models can be defined from your patient dataset or BDC has an internal dataset that can be brought to bear in definition of the full patient anatomy. Prior to build, we utilize advance software packages to define and if necessary, modify the vascular geometry within a STL file format. Our team can take the lead in manipulation of the vasculature to change diameters, lengths, tortuosity, and angulations. In addition, vascular disease states, such as calcified heart valves, aneurysms, stenosis, and strictures, can be added or removed create the exact silicone simulated use model required for testing, surgeon training or sales activities.

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Silicone Mock Vessels

Standard Anatomic Models

A library of silicone vessels is available as a standard or semi-custom solution. Read more »

Product Certification

BDC Labs silicone mock vessels are certified prior to shipment per ISO 7198 guidelines to match clinical dynamic compliance. Read more »

SLIC Friction Reduction Coating

BDC’s proprietary SLIC friction reduction coating is a surface treatment that reduces the inherent friction of the silicone mock vessel lumen by up to 40%. Read more »