China Vision Group is a dynamic engineering distribution and servicing company founded by a group of engineers with a wealth of experience in distribution of materials testing instruments, and a well-established presence in the cardiovascular implant testing space in China. China Vision Group has four sales and service offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

“As BDC Labs’ extensive line of advanced cardiovascular testing equipment and services continues to grow, so does our need for outstanding distribution partners,” said Dr. Craig Weinberg, President of BDC Labs after the execution of the distribution agreement.

BDC Labs and China Vision Group are both committed to providing exceptional customer service and we expect this to be enhanced as we work together as a team to promote BDC Labs’ cardiovascular testing equipment and services to Chinese customers.

South Korea

ETECS Korea offers a wealth of experience, as well as a proven track record in the cardiovascular implant testing market. ETECS Korea will represent BDC Labs’ extensive line of innovative cardiovascular testing equipment and services, which is being continuously upgraded and expanded.

BDC Labs will be working closely with ETECS Korea to meet the growing requirements of the cardiovascular medical device community in Korea.

As demand for BDC Labs’ products increases, so too does its customer base. Local distributors who offer their own support and expertise are invaluable to our customers and BDC Labs looks forward to announcing new distributors for development of additional international markets in the near future.