Training Suites for Cardiac & Endovascular Simulation


Simulation Training Suites for Cardiac (heart valves) and Endovascular (stents, stent grafts, catheters) technologies are custom-designed, turn-key systems that present a complete clinical environment by approximation of physiological pressures and flow conditions, along with temperature in a representative arterial and/or venous circulatory system. BDC Laboratories’ PD-1100 pulsatile pump is the ‘beating heart’ flow source that provides the system pulsatile flow. To facilitate control and monitoring of the simulation training suite, as well as data collection for analysis, BDC’s Statys™ software package accompanies each system. Applications for BDC’s simulation training suites include: surgeon training, marketing and sales demonstrations, research & development and validation / verification testing.


The fully programmable PD-1100 Pulsatile Pump is at the core of these simulated use training suites and features: The Pulsatile Pump, Control Module, Data Acquisition System and Statys PD™ Control & Monitoring Software Package. The key benefits of our PD-1100 Pulsatile Pump driving this mock circulatory loop are:

  • Fully programmable in all parameters
  • Precise digital platform provides high repeatability and reproducibility
  • Full user control of excitation waveform to accurately mimic system pressure and flow waveforms
  • The ability to isolate the pump driving fluid from test fluid
  • Self-priming with pulsatile pump head options for minimal setup time

Training suites can be designed for a wide range of cardiac and endovascular device applications, including:

  • Aortic Valve, Mitral Valve, Pulmonary Valve, or Tricuspid Valve evaluation
  • Total Artificial Hearts (TAH) and Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD)
  • Endovascular device studies (aortic, peripheral, carotid, neurovascular, femoral, venous, and pulmonary)
  • Veterinary cardiovascular flow studies
  • Research for device-pressure-flow interaction
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Simulated Use Systems

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Customizing Solutions

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