Product Certification

All mock arteries and simulated use anatomical solutions can be measured and qualified to a clinical diametric/radial compliance prior to shipment with a certificate of compliance accompanying each vessel. For models with bifurcations and collateral vessels, measurement of the dynamic compliance of the body as well as the branch vessels can be performed as requested. In addition to the mock vessel diametric compliance, the inner diameter at any associated pressure can also be measured and certified to meet the model requirements. BDC’s dynamic compliance testing is performed on our validated internal laser micrometer-based system utilizing ISO 7198, 25539 and ASTM 2477 standards for guidance on conversion from outer diameter to inner diameter based measurements.

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Silicone Mock Vessels

Mock Anatomy and Models

BDC Labs Silicone Mock Anatomy can be used for Validation & Verification Testing, Marketing & Sales Activities, and Demonstration Materials. Read more »

Standard Anatomic Models

A library of silicone vessels is available as a standard or semi-custom solution. Read more »

SLIC Friction Reduction Coating

BDC’s proprietary SLIC friction reduction coating is a surface treatment that reduces the inherent friction of the silicone mock vessel lumen by up to 40%. Read more »