Mock Arteries

BDC Laboratories manufactures silicone mock vessels in nearly any configuration as either as custom project or from our standard library of models (healthy and diseased), ranging from straight tubes to patient-based anatomy. In addition to supplying basic vascular and cardiac models, BDC Labs excels at providing full simulated use anatomical solutions tailored for testing technologies ranging from endovascular stents and filters to cardiac heart valves. All of BDC Labs’ silicone mock vessels can be compliance certified prior to shipment based on ISO 7198 guidance. Our arteries and anatomical solutions are manufactured from a high tear resistant and clear silicone allowing for a durable solution that facilitates visualization and imaging during durability testing, simulated use testing, and other research and development activities.

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All of BDC Labs’ silicone mock vessels are certified prior to shipment using methods based on ISO 7198 guidelines to ensure that our mock arteries meet the appropriate specifications for compliance and pressure for use with validation and verification device testing. BDC prices for Silicone Mock Vessels are competitive with other companies’ offering non-certified products.

BDC Laboratories designs and builds custom “turn-key” simulated use systems that include clinically relevant silicone mock anatomy and vascular pathways while accurately achieving the appropriate hemodynamics within the model. The test system vascular pathway is typically constructed to specific clinical data using BDC’s silicone mock vessel technology emulating vascular and/or cardiac anatomy and compliance.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements for silicone mock vessels or mock anatomy.

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Silicone Mock Vessels

Mock Vessels & Anatomy Solutions

Silicone mock vessels and simulated use anatomical models can be provided for testing for heart valve and endovascular devices. Read more »

Standard Anatomic Models

A library of silicone vessels is available as a standard or semi-custom solution. Read more »

Product Certification

BDC Labs silicone mock vessels are certified prior to shipment per ISO 7198 guidelines to match clinical dynamic compliance. Read more »

SLIC Friction Reduction Coating

BDC’s proprietary SLIC friction reduction coating is a surface treatment that reduces the inherent friction of the silicone mock vessel lumen by up to 40%. Read more »